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Canadian Business Magnate, Investor, and Philanthropist
Featured Keynote
The Private Capital Markets Association 6th Annual Conference

MICHAEL LEE-CHIN, the Chairman of Portland Holdings is widely regarded as a visionary entrepreneur whose philosophy of “doing well and doing good” has resulted in extraordinary business success and inspiring philanthropic initiatives.

As the founder of Portland, Michael Lee-Chin’s business accomplishments span various countries and numerous sectors. Portland currently owns a collection of diversified businesses, operating in sectors that include financial services, consumer goods, waste management, tourism, insurance, agriculture and media.

Portland is committed to “Building Strong Indigenous Businesses”. Equally important, these businesses must also seek to improve the social well-being of the communities in which they operate. Michael formally established as the Portland mantra – “prosperitas cum caritate” – which in Latin speaks to his goal that businesses must “not only do well, but also do good” – that is the measure of success. “Giving back is not the privilege of successful entrepreneurs—it’s their duty,” he says. 

Today, Michael remains firmly committed to creating wealth for investors as Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Portland Investment Counsel Inc., an investment fund manager, portfolio manager and exempt market dealer.   “The Wealthy Invest Differently. At Portland we have made it our mission to democratize wealth creation opportunities by providing all wealth-seeking investors with ACCESS to investment opportunities both within the public and private realm that are typically reserved for the affluent and institutional investor” he says.

“We are presenting a rare opportunity to all private capital markets industry professionals.  To hear Michael Lee-Chin speak...It’s the ultimate masters class”, says Doug Bedard, PCMA Chair.  “It’s an honour to have Michael Lee-Chin share his time with us. Michael Lee-Chin will address 500 of Canada's most successful and influential market issuers, dealers, dealer representatives and industry professionals at the Private Capital Market Association of Canada's (PCMA) 6th Annual Conference. An exclusive event, indeed”, adds Georgina Blanas, Executive Director, PCMA.

as part of his keynote address at the
6th Annual PCMA Private Capital Markets Conference and Awards
“Bringing Diversification to Canadian Investors”
in Toronto, Thursday, April 20, 2017
Toronto Board of Trade

WHO SHOULD ATTEND?   Entrepreneurs, disruptors, tech innovators, exempt market dealers, dealing representatives, private capital issuers and companies, legal, accounting, and compliance advisers, private equity and venture capital funds, investment advisers and regulators.

The PCMA’s paramount goal is to create opportunities to bring together the unique issues of our private capital markets into a single forum. The PCMA Conference is the ultimate opportunity to provide access to the top industry leaders and regulators and to bring forward the ideas and opportunities that will grow and transform the private capital markets. Please join us on April 20th at the Toronto Board of Trade to interact with leading experts on a range of topics dedicated to helping you grow your business, navigate complex regulatory issues and prepare for the private capital markets opportunities on the horizon.

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