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PCMA Membership

Membership in the PCMA means contributing to a strong national voice for the private capital markets/exempt market professionals. PCMA membership also means great benefits for you and your firm - PCMA members have access to exclusive FIB and E&O insurance programs at group discount rates, full access to PCMA, website resources and publications, networking with other Members, and accessing PCMA events, conferences and continuing education opportunities!

Exempt Market Dealer - corporate membership (up to 3 individuals)                                                            $750 + tax

Issuer of Exempt Market Products - corporate membership  (up to 3 individuals)                                      $750 + tax

Exempt Market Professionals - corporate or personal membership (up to 3 individuals)
(advisers to exempt market dealers e.g. legal, accounting, compliance, back office and infrastructure support, trust companies)                                                                                                                                                      $950 + tax

Additional Individual/EMD Dealing Representative                                                                                   $99 + tax

Additional Members

If you select corporate membership you can add two additional members (3 in total) with your corporate membership. When you sign in to your profile, you will be located on Manage Profile page. Please look down and under Information & Settings section please click on Sub-Accounts section where you can create sub-account for each additional corporate member. You can create a new sub-account by completing the registration process or attaching an existing member to your account. Please be aware that the process will automatically sign you out, please follow the instructions.

Please begin your registration by selecting your membership type: