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The PCMA of Canada creates, organizes and manages live events, fundraising, membership benefits, education and professional development, networking opportunities, advocacy, marketing, communications, governance and more. We work closely and tirelessly with our members to spot trends, anticipate changes in the private capital markets and identify efficiencies. 


During this difficult time, we are working to be part of the solution – educating and advocating about investing in private capital and connecting all industry professions.  We are the largest private capital markets community in Canada, and as always, the PCMA is working hard to support our members and to ensure that exempt market dealers, professionals, accountants, lawyers, consultants, dealing representatives and issuers, continue to have a strong voiceAs the largest private capital markets community in Canada we cannot allow our voice to be diminished


We need to maintain our strong industry voice and stay above the fray, offering to the regulators and other governing bodies continuous positive input on how to make our industry sphere not just survive this economic downturn, but thrive and to keep investing going! Private capital has been around forever and has sustained this nation through even tougher times and have made us stronger as a nation. And it will do so again. 


Our mission  along with our small, yet mighty, team, will be to continue providing our members with the best service and most comprehensive industry solutions, strengthen our brand, advocate, bring further awareness and do our part to keep the economy moving forward. Our long-term value will come through and be reflected in the pride of membershipthe PCMA is your industry association!


For more information, please contact;

Natalie Carragher; Stakeholder relations and Events Manager:


Jackie Syrett; Communications Director:





 Exempt Market Dealer

 $750 + tax
 Venture Capitalist  $750 + tax
 Mortgage Investment Entity  $750 + tax
 Angel Investors  $750 + tax
 Exempt Market Professional  $950 + tax
 Law Firm  $950 + tax
 Consulting Firm  $950 + tax
 Compliance Firm   $950 + tax
 Financial Industry Marketing Firm   $950 + tax
 Issuer of Exempt Market Products  $750 + tax
 Individual / EMD Dealing Representative  $99 + tax


Additional Members

If you select corporate membership you can add two additional members (3 in total) with your corporate membership. When you sign in to your profile, you will be directed to the "Manage Profile" page. Please look down and under Information & Settings section please click on Sub-Accounts section where you can create sub-accounts for each additional corporate member. You can create a new sub-account by completing the registration process or attaching an existing member to your account. Please be aware that the process will automatically sign you out, please follow the instructions.

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