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Private Capital Markets Awards
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Private Capital Markets Awards – are the only national industry awards for private capital markets professionals, which recognize business leaders who help build a vibrant and successful private capital markets in Canada. In 2012, the PCMA launched these national awards as the first and only national industry awards for exempt market issuers, dealers and professionals that promote best practices and high standards of conduct in the private capital markets.

Nominees are evaluated based on their leadership in the industry, their contribution to the deal, innovative market, product or investment opportunities created, the benefits of the deal for the issuer and for investors, and the overall impact of the deal on the quality and integrity of the private capital markets. The award selection committee is comprised of independent members of the PCMA and its national Board of Directors.

Capital raised in the private capital/exempt market helps finance economic activity across Canada and is an important contributor to supporting entrepreneurial business, and creating wealth for Canadian investors. The PCMA believes in celebrating and promoting the success stories of the private capital markets. We recognize the professionals behind those successful capital raising transactions and the successful outcomes they generate for issuers, dealers and investors.


PCMA Private Capital Markets Awards Provide

  • Winners gain exposure as the industry leaders to hundreds of private capital market professionals across Canada
  • Winners are featured in the PCMA Private Capital Markets magazine which can be reviewed HERE
  • Winners have an opportunity to share their success stories on how they created wealth for Canadian investors and ultimately contributed to the Canadian economy
  • Winners’ success stories set a benchmark for other professionals to follow
  • Winners receive a special Award’s logo that they can share on the website and promotional materials in order to showcase their leadership and expertise

You can review pictures from the previous awards ceremonies HERE.


What our past winners say:


IBK Capital was delighted to receive the Private Capital Markets Association of Canada (PCMA) Technology Deal of the Year Award. As a private investment bank celebrating its 25th anniversary, and  a founding sponsor of the PCMA, we are please to support the PCMA as a strong national voice for the private capital markets and its professionals.

Michael White, President and Chief Executive Officer, IBK Capital Corp.


“I am very grateful for the recognition by my peers through this award. Private mortgage lending in this country has had a long history of providing essential services to Canadians. Through our services and products, we assist homeowners through economic hardship to financial success and prosperity. We keep Canadians in their homes, business growing and finance new communities for us all to live. In my 20 years in the business, I have had great mentors, teachers, industry partners and members who worked tirelessly to help others and build an industry they could be proud of. As I look to the next 20 years, I see an industry that will continue to grow, support the economy, strengthen our professionalism, and be good financial stewards of our resources. I would like to also thank my father and business partner, Everett Koeller for his unwavering support."
Dean Koeller, President, Calvert Home Mortgage Investment Corporation
“Regulation floats my boat! I take the approach of understand to be understood believing that if we understand the outcome the regulators are seeking we can provide meaningful commentary on behalf of our members. The seemingly amorphous outcomes proposed in the CSA consultation paper 33-404 made that approach difficult. I support principles-based regulation for the flexibility it allows. Quite simply if you create prescriptive regulation and get a prescription wrong the collateral damage can be substantial. For example, the additional proficiency added to a CCO for an EMD has led to a shortage of CCO candidates. Another example is the investment limits on the OM exemption which has resulted in a much slower pickup than expected in Ontario. Reducing regulatory burden through a flexible regulatory regime is what I try to promote.”
David M. Gilkes, President, North Star Compliance & Regulatory Solutions Inc.

“I am very honoured to be the recipient of the 2017 PCMA Advocacy Award. I strongly believe that you don’t have a right to complain if you didn’t try your best to find a solution.  We should all feel empowered to advocate for the changes we want to see in the world.  I am proud of the advocacy work the PCMA has done to find solutions and increase the profile and standard for EMDs, including its focus on compliance via the PCMA Compliance Network.  I look forward to seeing the PCMA’s continued achievements in the years to come.”
Nadine Milne, CPA, CMA, Chief Compliance Officer, Portland Investment Counsel Inc.





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