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Membership Benefits
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Our strength is our membership of small and large firms, and the individuals from across our industry who come together to support the PCMA, drive its agenda and ensure the PCMA serves the unique interests of Canada's private capital markets. Belonging to the PCMA makes a statement that you are committed to your profession and highest standards of business conduct. 

Here is what you can expect from supporting the PCMA with your membership:   
  • Access to leading regulatory and compliance insight on compliance and regulatory requirements for EMDs that help you meet your obligations and stay focused on your business rather than the regulators. 

  • Exposure to industry leading experts and professional advisers to exempt market dealers (EMDs) and issuers (e.g. finance, accounting, legal, compliance, communications, etc.) so you can access the professional advice you need, when you need it. 

  • Help saving money on the things you need to run your business. From exclusive mandatory insurance coverage, customized professional liability insurance options, tuition discounts, event discounts and special savings for your business on Staples Promotional Products, the PCMA provides the programs, products and pricing discounts that can help you succeed as a dealer or issuer.  

  • Commitment to a strong culture of compliance within the private capital markets, and we expect our members to do the same. Our success as an industry means being leaders in the dealer or issuer activities we undertake, and working together to achieve the best outcomes for our investors and for the capital markets. Our success instills public confidence and helps ensure our regulatory framework encourages the success of our private capital markets across Canada.  

  • Passionate teams of industry leaders across Canada, all committed to defending the reputation and regulatory capabilities of EMDs and issuers of prospectus exempt securities, to ensure a strong and expanding private capital market across Canada.   

  • Exclusive access to educational programs and networking opportunities focused on the professional development of EMDs, their dealing representatives, and those engaged in raising capital as issuers of exempt market securities. 

For more information, please review the PCMA Membership Package